Nebula is a Zero to One innovation consultancy and a venture studio.

We run ideas through a tried and tested methodology to validate products with the market and to maximise their chances of success.


we turn ideas into reality

Regardless of idea stage, we validate the concept with the target market, test demand, and implement user feedback before committing to a full build. This is the best way to build a product a customer wants.

We turn ideas into reality with all of this in mind.

about us
about us

The process


Problem-solution fit is a precursor to product-market fit and exists when there is alignment between a problem that potential customers have and the solution provided by a product or service. We first work to validate whether the problem exists and then strive to determine whether the solution is valid for addressing the problem through a series of customer discovery calls.


Once problem-solution fit has been investigated, we have an indication of whether potential customers within the target market will derive value from the product. To determine whether the target market will want this at scale we need to identify what successful traction looks like and then create a roadmap of how to get there. This typically involves creating a low-fidelity MVP and getting it in front of potential users.


An MVP is a rapid build of a product designed to bring a version of the product to market, testing its viability, gathering user feedback, and learning from real-world usage. Once we have an indication that the market is responding positively to the product through customer discovery calls and broader market traction, we know that we are onto something. We need to create something to find out whether they would use a solution rather than just making the right noises.

Launch & Learn

Once an MVP has been created, it needs to be road-tested. It needs to be launched to the target market for early user adoption for the purposes of testing and iteration. User feedback is critical to ensure that the concept is built the way users want it and to learn if not. Launching the tool involves getting it out to an early adopter list collected from the traction phase, and the learning stage involves customer discovery calls and analytics to understand usage.

Our work

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A seamless, global marketplace, empowering OSINT analysts with a trusted platform to showcase and monetise their expertise, while providing intelligence consumers with streamlined access to diverse, vetted, and actionable insights tailored to their strategic objectives.

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A web app is similar to a website; however, it often provides more interactive and dynamic features compared to a traditional website. Web apps can perform specific functions, process data, and allow users to input information or perform transactions. They may have user accounts, databases, and a more complex architecture than a simple website.

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A website is a collection of webpages with the primary goal of providing informational content. Websites typically include static pages with text and images or dynamic content that may be regularly updated. Examples of websites include blogs, online portfolios, news websites, and company websites where the only interactive elements are buttons and contact forms.

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It was a pleasure working with AAGENCI on a design project, and I must say that the experience exceeded all my expectations.

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Jacob Black

"I couldn't be happier with the results of our collaboration with AAGENCI. They took our vision and brought it to life.

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Maria Smith

I was blown away by AAGENCI's creativity in creating a memorable brand identity for my startup. Their design work has helped us stand out.

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Davis Jones

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